Dialogue Editor/ Sound Designer / Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Recordist / Foley Artist

Ruby is a short, dramatic film by Ha Kin which largely focuses on dialogue to progress the storyline. As such, it had to be edited to perfection to preserve the intelligibility, emotion, and intention of the performance while carefully cutting out distracting sounds and sudden changes in room tone. In the end, we were able to use sound recorded on set for almost all of the dialogue in the film.


Sound Editor / Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer

Serenity is science fiction film which concludes the popular television series, Firefly. There are two sides in this battle: the pristine, symmetrical ships; and the dirty, disorganized ships. We really wanted to create a sonic separation between these two sides so we used very clean clean sounds to contrast the gritty sounds. The result was two distinct sides fighting in a tense, action packed space battle.

The Italian Job

Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Editor

The car chase scene in The Italian Job is filled with moving parts which had to be mixed in a way that brought everything together as a finished product while drawing attention to specific elements. This particular scene is largely driven by the intense music and sound effects with the focus on gunshots, engine sounds, and dialogue.