Often times, subtle sounds of movement are lost on a busy set. These sounds, like the slight noise clothing makes when a character moves, are largely subconscious, but something feels wrong if you don’t hear them. It is the art of Foley which recreates these lost sounds.


The Rise and Fall of Globosome

Foley Artist / Sound Designer / Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer

Due to the nature of animation, there are no sounds from a film set. So all the subtle sounds, such as plants growing and the marble creatures interacting was all made through foley.


Foley Artist / Sound Designer

The sound for this well known intro by Pixar was created by everything from loose screws to drinking glasses. Due to its simple, yet effective design, everything was recorded and edited in a single afternoon. 



Foley Artist / Dialogue Editor / Sound Designer

Being a Drama, Ruby didn't need massive sound effects. Therefore, much of the story is told through the subtle sounds of every day life. Many of these sounds needed to be replaced or augmented from the audio recorded on set to make the film feel just right.