Mastering is the process of carefully sculpting of your album to create consistency and fluidity between songs while maintaining the original vision of the Artist and Mixing Engineer. It also makes sure your music will translate well from high quality listening spaces to the speakers on your phone.


Paragon: Welcome to Wisdom

Welcome to Wisdom is a Hip Hop album by Paragon which focuses on low frequencies to drive their beats. To contrast these extreme lows and bring balance to the frequency spectrum, we brought out the high frequencies. The result was a crisp beat which we situated around the  vocals and melodic instruments for each song.

Teddy Randazzo Jr.

Originally recorded with a live audience, Teddy Randazzo Jr.'s King David has been remixed and mastered to give it an other-wordly feel to match his unique music style.

DJ Domo

The Wyatt Act

The Wyatt Act is a unique group we had the opportunity to record, mix and master several songs for.

Isaac Pond

Isaac Pond's percussive album was created to showcase a new instrument he had created, so we mastered the album to pull the listener's attention to this instrument and the many other unique elements in these songs.