The mixing process balances all previous sound elements while maintaining intelligibility and consistency throughout your work. Through mixing, we create depth and width to ensure that the most important sonic elements come into focus. Mixing also makes sure nothing is too loud or quiet and prepares your work for multiple listening environments.


Joy by Dior

Re-Recording Mixer / Dialogue Editor

We had the privilege of editing and mixing the audio for a series of promotional content for Dior's fragrance, Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

CountDown to the Eclipse

Re-Recording Mixer / Dialogue Editor / Sound Editor

In the excitement leading up to the total solar eclipse which crossed the United States in 2017, we were able to work on a very interesting documentary about eclipse chasers.


The Italian Job: Car chase Scene

Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Editor

The car chase scene in The Italian Job is filled with moving parts which had to be mixed in a way that brought everything together as a finished product while drawing attention to specific elements. This particular scene is largely driven by the intense music and sound effects with the focus on gunshots, engine sounds, and dialogue.