Sound Editing is an art form which integrates both technical prowess and creative skills to make choices that bring stories to life. As such, our primary goal in this is to create and flawlessly integrate sounds that match the mood of your work.


Ban Tay Mau: Trailer

Sound Editor / Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer

We had the pleasure of doing the audio for a Vietnamese horror film and its theatrical trailer.

Tampa bay LIGHTNING: commercial

Sound Editor / Dialogue Editor / Sound Designer

This commercial for Tampa Bay Lightning focuses on a contemplative, slow motion section so our goal was to create smooth transitions when time slows down and speeds up.

Serenity: Space battle

Sound Editor / Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer

Serenity is science fiction film which concludes the popular television series, Firefly. There are two sides in this battle: the pristine, symmetrical ships; and the dirty, disorganized ships. We really wanted to create a sonic separation between these two sides so we used very clean clean sounds to contrast the gritty sounds. The result was two distinct sides fighting in a tense, action packed space battle.